You can make Paracord better? – Titan Survivorcord Review

If I sit down and ask myself the honest question, ‘What item of kit do I use the most and has bailed me out of more problems than any other?’ I’d think for a bit ad then I’d come back to the same answer – Paracord!

I’ve loads of it, in every bag, boot of my car, wrapped around tools and holding several things together in the house and garden. I even lost a load to my wife who stole it to tie up some display stands for her work.

I’ve always made an effort to buy the best I can, the 550, 750 or even the military spec (C-5040) 850 stuff, it all works fantastically and to date I have never had any snap, fray or fail on me. I’ve predominantly used 550, it’s plenty strong enough for me, after all it’s not like I’m actually fastening it to a parachute!

I know people that have bought cheap stuff, I’ve seen it fail and ruin their camping trip! I’ve never understood how and why they do this, it’s a mindset thing, you get what you pay for, anyway that’s a different discussion all together.

As an aside (albeit a relevant one) the paracord sits in my bag alongside a number of items, a makeshift fishing kit with fishing line, a fire kit with wick, random spools of wire I use for snares, all relevant stuff in it’s own right!

Anyway, I am fortunate to have a lot of friends overseas, many of which are in the USA, a result of which is I get a sniff of new kit out there which hasn’t landed in the UK yet and often never end up finding their way here!

I recently found out that a buddy of mine, Greg from Scablands Bushcraft, stocked an item which peaked my interest. A company out in the States, Titan Survival, have come up with a very clever idea, a 550 paracord with various strands of other material wrapped within. I read all about it, did my homework and due diligence and after all the glowing reviews and endorsements from people I respect I had to get my hands on some!

You won’t be surprised to know I couldn’t even get a sniff of any in the UK, let alone find someone who would take my money off me. I reverted back to the norm and set about getting it shipped over from the US, speaking to a very helpful chap called Jarod from Titan and before I knew it a box full landed on my doorstep.

First impressions were very good, packaged well and with a very clever Velcro strap to hold it together. Most paracord I’ve bought in the past comes loose, often leading to tangling and the never ending battle to undo it. Not the case here, the strap holds it together nicely and makes it a useful shape for packing.

Once you open this stuff up you realise just how clever it is! Aside of usual nylon braids within (I think I counted 7) there is a fishing line, waxed jute wick and brass wire, all wrapped up nice and tight.

The jute burns excellently and I’m sure will be a game changer for those of you who use oil burning lamps etc (I don’t). As a seat for starting fire it’s going to be great for me as it takes a spark even when wet. Very clever!

The fishing line speaks for itself, after all its fishing line!

The brass wire is the perfect snare material for anything I’d look to trap, easily as strong as anything I’ve used for UK quarry.

I’d be very proud of myself if I’d invented something like this! It’s a space-saving, convenient, clever bit of kit! It’s going to be a permanent resident within both of my day-sacks, that’s for sure!

I’m off to the wilds in a week or so and will be putting it to the test in respect of lashing and splitting it, using each element in its own right in difficult conditions, and I’m very much looking forwards to putting it through its paces. It’s undoubtedly as strong as anything I’ve ever used, based on initial trials and tests.

Anyway, I’ve got enough to share with you good people, you can find it on the link below:

Titan SurvivorCrd – Jackal Firearms

This stuff is great, I can’t stress that enough, don’t believe me find some and try it for yourself! You certainly won’t be disappointed!


Update to follow…………………

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