Red Eyed Hog – The word ‘versatile’ doesn’t even come close!

There’s many things I talk about from a position of relative knowledge – skills, kit, techniques, tactics, etc etc. But of all the things I may move towards the top of that list there is one that sits primely on top……Eating!

I’ve spent a significant amount of my life, including the days prior to even being able to say rifle let alone hold one, eating and enjoying food. You don’t get a figure like mine by saying ‘no thanks’ to seconds! Those that know me also know that cooking is something I take a great deal of pride in, no matter where – in our kitchen, in my yard, or in the middle of nowhere!¬†

Cooking at home is easy, shops are just round the corner and ingredients can be easily obtained. This doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the ball though!

I’ve used seasoning to great effect for years, impressing people with cheap parlour tricks, people that are not overly adventurous in the kitchen, and as such think my Moroccan lamb tagine is a work of divine magic, it’s not, I just did my homework and got all the right spices.¬†Suckers!

I’ve tried all the pre-made seasoning mixes, pulled pork, BBQ, peri-peri, the list goes on. Then I started to hear things about the original seasoning blend from Red Eyed Hog, but from far away shores across the pond in the States as at the time it was not available anywhere in the UK.

Red Eyed Hog Original Seasoning & B-Fat

So I set about getting some, from the head honcho himself and boy was it worth it!

This stuff was branded as ‘designed by a BBQ Pitmaster’ and I’ll be the first to admit, I was sceptical, surely this wouldn’t be that far away from ‘off the shelf’ mixed spices I had tried before. I couldn’t have been more wrong, this stuff is excellent, something that I could never even begin to think how to replicate, it is clearly the brainchild of a very competent and experienced chef, someone who knows just what to put in to get that perfect smokey, sweet spice!








It comes in an almost indestructible pot, small enough to disappear into your pack but big enough to last a long time! I’ve been using a lot at home and in eggs, on chicken, in pasta, it is delicious and only needs a small amount, it’s quite potent so be careful with it!

I could bang on about it more but it’s safe to say it gets my wholehearted thumbs up! I’ll be using it extensively outdoors over the coming months as the UK weather has finally turned the corner. I’ll also be away for a bushcraft/wild camping trip in a few weeks and I’m going to take a load with me! Expect an update accordingly!

Then we get onto the balm, the B-Fat they call it. Now this is a bit of a game changer for me, it’s a cast iron seasoner, a leather conditioner, a knife protector, a chapstick and a general lubricant amongst various other uses.

All of those things are important to me, on a daily basis irrelevant of the weather. My skillet will be treated to it this season, I’ll have to get back to you on that one but if initial signs are anything to go on it’s going to be great for my pan! I’ve started using it on my very stiff PR4 leather sheath and so far so good, it’s kept the exposed edge nice and soft and I’m sure with time it’ll make a massive difference!

Now let’s talk about knife protection! I take good care of my knives, I have to as I hammer them, I keep them sharp and clean and for the small amount that see infrequent use I put a protective coating on. Historically this is food quality Frog Lube, not any more. This B-Fat stuff is excellent, especially the applicator which allows for precise use!

For a man that spends everyday of his life with a knife, rifle, bit of leather kit and often cast iron with him this stuff is a game changer for me! Also size-wise it is perfect, it’s bigger than a conventional chapstick and as such will last longer! I don’t suffer from chapped lips, I’m lucky like that, but i still plan to give it a go, just for shits and giggles if nothing else!

So all in all this stuff gets a massive endorsement from me, it’s great and I look forwards to getting back to you with a more meaningful update after heavy use of both through the summer!

Oh yeah, you wanna try some in the interim, here you go:

REH – Original Seasoning and B-Fat Balm

You know how I work, its as much about the people behind the products as the products themselves! Just a quick line for the people behind all this great stuff, Casey and his team. To say I was welcomed with open arms would be an understatement, and I mean that. It makes me as happy to acknowledge the great people that make this industry as it does to share new things with you good people out there! Courteous and genuine from the outset, they are certainly my kind of people and I tip my hat to them! They deserve all the great success that this wonderful range of products will bring to them and I look forwards to working closely with them for many years to come!

All that’s needed now are some more flavours………………. ?

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