ESEE ExPat Medellín folder – Initial review

I am not a knife collector, I think I have made that bit very clear in the past, so if I buy a knife it is to use it.
I sat a few months ago reading something by an elusive chap, someone I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know quite well, that resonated with me immensely! Grab yourself a brew and have a read.
The article makes its own case, I don’t need to regurgitate his logic! The ExPat Medellín ticks many of my boxes, well made, reasonably priced, disposable to a degree and backed by ESEE warranty terms! Winner!
Guess what, I tried to get one in the UK, that ain’t happening. I asked about and no-one could get me one, I would have to source one overseas all on my lonesome!
So, why the hell not, I got a box full!
This one is mine, I can’t ever think of why I’d trade it. It’s been in my hands a few hours and already I can see what all the *subdued* fuss is about!
This is well made, feels solid, looks sleek and discreet, locks tight open and with no movement, closes smooth with the framelock! I love it!
I’ve spent A LOT of money on folders over the years, twice, three times, even four times as much as this costs to buy over here! This stands toe to toe with all of them!
By the time you read this, they’ll be on the site for sale, again at a price I think is fair! But I’d be quick, I let a few people know these were coming and they’ll snap the first up straight away no doubt!
I thought about doing pre-order, so as not to disappoint people. I may yet do that, but we will see what happens!
Full review to come in a week or so but initial feedback from the knife is very encouraging!
Watch this space…………

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