ESEE PR4 – Initial Review

Here you have it – the long awaited arrival of the PR4’s and boy were they worth waiting for!

These things are not only well made but they are aesthetically stunning!
This particular one, which is mine, exudes quality and is begging to be abused!
The handle isn’t what I was expecting, it has a solid grip that whilst made of micarta has a much more compressed and hardwearing feel than I’m used to. It sounds crazy but I’ve got mine very cold this week and it feels reassured, like the metal chequer on my rifle handles…….does that make sense?
The finish on the blade looks great and I’m sure will wear brilliantly!
A quick mention for the sheath. I’m a solid sheath kinda guy, kydex, plastic whatever, but rarely (if ever) leather or soft sheathes. This one may have turned my head, boy is it well made!
I’d pay the money for this knife for the sheath alone. This knife is a keeper, the sort of thing you keep for ever. The sort of thing you buy a new sheath for from a very clever leather smith, like Dave at Positive Made Leather etc. This sheath is already there. I’m gonna abuse it a bit more but very nicely done ESEE and Mr Rollins!
This is just an initial blog, based on my first few days with it. A bigger one will follow in a week or so once we have gotten to know each other a little better.
Worthy of mention is why it’s here: I could not find one in the UK and when I did the price was a little difficult to swallow. So you know what, I went and got some myself, like I’d normally do, direct from the big-house!
These will be for sale on the site by the time you read this, follow this link or click on the shop, at a price that most of the people I know will find a little more palatable. So here you go, a fantastic knife at decent price, what more could you want?
And I tell you one thing for nowt, this one is a keeper! You’ll never sell it, I certainly won’t be letting go of this one!
You know what, as I sit adding this from my iPad to the mac, I can see what all the fuss was about! Some knife!

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