“Necessity is the mother of invention”……….. ain’t that the truth!

After nearly 20 years of working in the more demanding areas of the public sector, interspersed with various forms of specialist bespoke training and a healthy dose of social outdoor activities, Big Jackal decided that those many things he’d always gone without he’d do for himself!

What followed was a number of projects born out of that necessity, things that could be used, things that could be learned and even a few things that could be shared along the way! What started out as being for his own benefit quickly began to draw the attention of others, “Where can I get one of those?”, “Where did you learn to do that?” and “Is that any good?” all followed with increasing frequency!

Everything you will see on this site is something I use, trust, endorse and more often than not have made from scratch. The training you see is provided to my very high standards by people with both the abilities and, more importantly, the proper experience to back it up!

Also, if its shiny, I like it and it’s worthy of your consideration & hard earned money then I may even review it too!

Surrounded by close friends and colleagues from all the most relevant sectors, testing kit, breaking kit, training and reviewing. If they have worn green, blue, grey or any of the worlds camouflages then its likely they have a seat at my table!

In a world where talk is cheap and kit is thrown around without meaning, we’ll buck the trend! Let’s make it well and show you how to use it properly!

From there who knows,


Big Jackal